If you’re living in Boulder or planning to move here, it’s no secret that this town is a biking mecca.  Equipped with over 300 miles of bikeways and over 300 days of sunshine per year there’s something for everyone who enjoys biking.  Whether you are a mountain biker, road bicyclist, or a casual street cruiser, this is an active city that embraces the culture.  Want to know where to start if you fall into one of these categories?  Look no further.

Road Bicycling

With miles of dedicated paths around town, road biking is easy and the options are endless.  Here are a few popular biking routes in Boulder if you are just getting started.

Eldorado Canyon and NCAR
Flagstaff Road
Lefthand/Lee Hill
Sunshine Canyon to Gold Hill

Mountain Biking 

Biking in the mountains is just as easily accessible as biking on the road.  .  If you are a mountain biker, it would serve you well to check out Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance which is a community of mountain bikers that are dedicated to supporting the community, providing resources, and taking care of the trails.  Here are a few beautiful and loved mountain biking routes.

Hall Ranch
Betasso Preserve
Marshall Mesa
Heil Valley Ranch

Casual Cruising

Not a serious biker, but interested in enjoying a ride from time to time or dipping your toes in the water?  There are a bountiful number of bike shops here in town as you might imagine and you will find Boulder bikes maps as well as eager-to-help employees just about everywhere.  Additionally, here are a few places to start and ways to get plugged in.

Biking Path along 36
Boulder Bike Path
Valmont Bike Park
Walk and Bike Month