Today we are talking all about Boulder, Colorado!  Where to start?  Should I start with the 20+ craft breweries?  Shall I talk about the historic Pearl Street Mall?  Maybe I should begin with the breathtaking sandstone slabs of the Flatirons.  As you can infer, there’s lot to talk about when it comes to Boulder, Colorado and many reasons why people flock here to either claim it as home or to visit.

Things to do

Are you a hiker?  In Boulder, you can check out the 150+ miles of trails available.  Some of my favorites are South Mesa and Shanahan Trail.  If you are not an outdoorsman or woman, there are plenty of other things to do that don’t involve the outdoors.  Take a stroll around historic Pearl Street and grab a bite to eat at the eclectic mix of available restaurants. Grab a drink at one fo the many craft breweries in town.  Or, if you are feeling touristy, you can take a ride on Banjo Billy’s bus tour.  

Things to see

As you’ve probably guessed, the majestic Flatirons are the main attraction in Boulder.  There are many ways to soak in the views.  You can either soak them in as you meander through neighborhoods while you house hunt, see their beauty as you meander thought he Pearl Street Mall, or you can take an immersive hike.  Some of my favorite trails for viewing the Flatirons for the first time are Chatauqua and Boulder Creek Path.

Places to live 

If you’ve researched living in Boulder proper much, you probably know that your home will carry a high premium with a Boulder zip code.  This is due to many factors including, but not limited to high demand, convenience, location, and allure.  There a many neighborhoods to choose from of course, but some of the most popular are: Wonderland/Pine Brook, Whitter, and Gunbarrel.

Ready to call Boulder home? You know who to call!