The Boulder and Denver metro areas continue to be recognized by national publications among some of the top places to live. Why? Maybe it’s because of the 300 days of sunshine and beautiful view of the Rockies from almost anywhere. Maybe it’s because unemployment rates are low. Maybe it’s because the area is within a stone’s throw of dozens of ski resorts. Maybe it has something to do with the emphasis on health and wellness that is an undercurrent of the culture. The popularity of this area is probably a combination of all those things plus some, but today I want to talk to you specifically about Broomfield, CO which was recently named the 18th best place to live by Money Magazine.

Broomfield is located almost exactly halfway in between Boulder and Denver, making it an ideal spot for commuting to and from either area. The average commute time is about 26 minutes. It is home to several corporations including Level 3 Communications and Vail Ski Resorts. Additionally, Broomfield boats the 1stBank Center where events are held regularly. And you can’t forget beer. Broomfield is home for several beloved breweries including 4 Noses and Rails End Beer.

But if you are reading this, you are probably interested in your next new home so that’s what we’re going to be focusing on in the coming weeks. For the next few weeks I’ll be featuring some neighborhoods in Broomfield, CO. We’ll discuss populations, median prices, HOA details, taxes, schools and more. Stay tuned!