We all likely know a few landscapers or at least know someone who could give us a recommendation on a landscaper to do work on our outdoor living spaces.  But how many of you know how to find a landscape designer.  Outdoor spaces can act as extended square footage in our homes, and are often just as important, if not more important that indoor living spaces, especially in a place like Colorado.  In a place where the temperature is often hits that mythical place where you can’t tell the different between the temps outside and inside, spending time outdoors is what we do here in Colorado.  Transitioning your yard from grass patches to outdoor havens can be a transformative experience.  But how to make your vision become a reality?  Find an awesome landscape designer.  And wouldn’t you know it, but I have just the one for you.  My friend Abby over at Botanical Living specializes in transforming your grass (or lack thereof) to your own personal paradise.  She has worked with everyone from your larger commercial and development properties to home owners on making their visions realities.  Check her out today and schedule a consultation if you feel stuck with your outdoor space!