When in comes to home services my lane is real estate services and everything related to real estate transactions.  However, I’m getting a little bit out of my lane today and talking to you about fine art.  While, yes, nailing down a home inspector you trust and getting a mortgage lender you love are major priorities when it comes to completion of your home purchase, for some it’s a little more fun to think about making your new home your own.  And that means decorating.  And coziness.  And style.  And thoughtfulness. And love.  One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is curating a home that reflect my style, tastes, and lifestyle and taking my time to do so.  It’s so much easier to grab something to fill in spaces on the walls from Kirklands or Home Goods,  but to me, it’s so much more satisfying to fine unique spaces whether they are a great find from a flea market or a piece of fine art.  So I thought it would be fun to start introducing you to some of the places I’ve found recently that scratch his itch.

Today I want to tell you about my friend Regina Mountjoy.  Regina is a photographer by trade, but her passion is fine art floral portraiture and it’s incredible how she’s married her trade to her passion.  Regina says:

” I have photographed garden’s all over the world, for nearly 20 years.  I always scan for the flowers that are smiling back at me.  I zoom in to get a closer look and I am breathless, so flattered, that each of these gorgeous creatures have disclosed themselves to me in such a tender, vulnerable, and intimate way.  I think they know I am a kindred spirit. ..”

You can get to know Regina and her work a little better by visiting her online, but seeing one of her pieces of art in real life is worth it!  And before you run off to Home Goods (and don’t get me wrong, I love me some Home Goods) to fill those empty spaces on your walls, check out some local artists like Regina!