One of my favorite things to do is showcase trusted professionals in my life who have made an impact in my life both professionally and personally.  Lori Carroll is one of those people!  While the features on my blog lately have been related to home services and real state transactions, the lovely lady I’m going to share with you today offers something a little bit different but just an important.

Lori Carroll is an integrative nutrition coach and owner of Your Sustainable Health.  She offers services like consultations, meal planning, and meal prep.  While Lori is passionate about using food as fuel and medicine, she also believes that creating a lifestyle that fosters health means making sustainable changes.  So Lori works with her clients on pain points in their diet while also suggestion little, doable tweaks that will make a big impact.  One of the other services Lori offers is her cooking classes where she not only serves a lovely + healthy meal, but she also walks you through the process so you can create it on your own.  I had the opportunity to experience one of these meals recently, and I have to say, learning by eating is the way to go!

If you find yourself wanting to make some sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle and want to leave empowered, not overwhelmed…Lori is your gal.  You can find Lori over on Instagram or you can contact her here.