Showcasing trusted professionals in the home services space brings me so much joy.   I’ve talked to you about Jessica Rose Couture before, but I wanted to talk about her again, but this time from a slightly difference perspective.  I also think this is the perfect excuse to show off even more of her work.  Not only do I love sharing my most trusted professionals, but I love the opportunity I get to collaborate and share referrals with other women who are out there, doing their own thing, and carving out a life and business with intention.  My friend Jess is one of those people.  Not only does she stand out in her area of expertise, but she’s in alignment with what she does and there is deep purpose behind it.  People resonate with that, don’t you think?  When you go to a store or consult with other businesses on personal and/or professional projects you can sense whether that person is punching a clock or they are engaged and excited about what they are doing.  That’s how I feel when I do MY work and I love to surround myself with other business owners and friends who do the same.  Jessica Rose is one of those people.  Can’t you tell?