Time for another community feature, and this week it’s Louisville, CO. Tucked away just south of Boulder, Louisville is a great choice for people who love the feel of Boulder and want to be in it’s proximity, but don’t want to pay the premiums. Although don’t get me wrong; a premium comes with living in Louisville too as the trends will prove, but the cost of homes in Louisville, is a bit easier on the wallet. Louisville has so much to offer with plenty of shopping, restaurants and small businesses and local events. The town is also high on the walkability scale, so it’s no wonder it’s demand has grown tremendously over the last 10 years especially.

Louisville has a rich history too, dating back to 1878 when the coal miners first settled there and today it strives to both preserve it’s history and foster innovation and growth as well. It offers over 1700 acres of open space, a thriving and diverse employment base and small town charm. Money magazine has also named Louisville amongst the best places to live five times since 2009. It’s really no wonder the town appeals to so many people.

Interested in making Louisville your next home? You know who to call!