Today we are continuing our fun game of “this or that” and today it’s a question of LUXE vs Bohemian.  Both are popular styles right now.  First it might help to define the two styles….



If you love the feel of satin and smooth textiles  or the beautiful style of crystal chandeliers sparkling in your home, you probably love all things luxurious and sumptuous! Commonly referred to, as “Luxe” details are the very essence of why we enjoy the finest of materials, fabrics, furniture and interior design style in our homes.  Here are a few examples of rooms with a “luxe” style.

Source: Fresh Home


Bohemian, or “Boho,” decorating is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for everyone to see. It flies in the face of modern sensibilities and fosters the carefree and the unusual. And while Boho rooms tend to have certain similarities—they’re always eclectic and share some of the same features—no two are completely alike.

Boho is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional life: travelers, actors, writers.

So its style incorporates those ideals, combining objects, colors, and patterns from many walks of life and many areas of the world. If you’re looking for a style that you can truly make your own, Boho might be for you.  Here are a couple of examples of bedrooms specifically.

Source: The Spruce

So…..which one is for you???