It’s that time again! It’s another additional of THIS OR THAT! Creating an inviting and functional entry way, I find, isn’t always a priority for my clients. However, curating a space that is both pretty and has a good use for backpacks, keys and random knick-knacks that made their way into the home could be the landing space you never knew you needed! When it comes to creating the perfect entry way for you, try using these general guidelines….

1. Create a place to sit

Whether it’s a small bench, pouf or chest…finding something that functions as a place to sit down for a quick second while you adjust your clothing, take off your shoes, or pack your purse is an essential part of an entry way.

2. Add lighting

Find some sort of lighting to add to your entryway. Any type of lamp can both add style and functionality. A lot of times when you’re coming in from work or a later dinner you may want to turn on the lights to fidget with your keys, phone or purse but you don’t want to turn on bright lights and wake everyone up. A non invasive lamp in your entryway is the perfect solution!

3. Find a basket

Since the entryway tend to be the “catch all” place, finding a sturdy basket for things like purses, umbrellas, scarves and slippers is a great additional to your entryway. And think outside the box if you can’t find a basket! It could be a bucket, large vase or planter as well!

4. Find the right console

The piece that actually holds your decor and sneaky knick-knacks is the thing that holds the look together! It may be built in cubbies or a thrift store sofa table. And it doesn’t have to be expensive….some of the most unique entry way console’s I’ve seen have been thrifted or hand-me-downs.

Here’s a couple of examples of entryways I love. Which one suits you?