I love this series so much, I don’t think I’ll stop!  #cantstopwontstop (sorry I couldn’t resist!).  So today I’m talking about fireplace mantles.  Even though it’s often an anchor in the room, often times the fireplace either gets neglected or is hap hazardously styled.  Styling your fireplace meaningful and thoughtful doesn’t cost much and has a huge payout as far as style and statement.  Here are some of my favorite tips that I borrow from Myquillyn Smith of The Nester.

1) Scale – Choose one large item to showcase.  In this case she has displayed her lettered canvas.  You might choose a piece of artwork, a photo, or a mirror.

2) Texture – Here she uses the chunky mantle piece.  You could use a cool shelf for texture or a furry throw, or a textured votive or candle.

3) Shape – Select interesting shapes and lines to contrast the texture.  Here she uses curves and organic lines.  You could use almost anything for this to create shape: vases, candle sticks, sentimental items, etc.

4) Life – I LOVE that this is part of her equation.  Using fresh cut flowers, sticks from your yard, or tree branches is very inexpensive yet it adds interest and life to your room.  Love it!