When staging your home, one of the priorities will be to get your kitchen looking, neutral, clean and purposeful. There are many ways to accomplish this, and here are my best tips. Even if you aren’t getting your home ready to sell, I bet you would be surprise at how much you’d love your kitchen if you applied these tips.

1) Clear counters

Messy counters are distracting and more likely to look dirty. Try removing everything…and I mean everything from your kitchen counters. Stash away appliances, containers, and decor. The simpler your kitchen counters look the cleaner and more neutral the feel giving buyers the opportunity to visualize their space.

2) Scrub it down

After you remove everything from your countertops, give it a good scrub down. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, scrub down the insides of the cabinets. Giving your counters a good cleaning will give it an extra shine and will make it look and feel cleaner.

3) Add pops of color

While you want your counters clear, adding a few personal touches that pop is a good idea. Things like a cutting board with lemons, fresh flowers, candles or tidy canisters give it that personal touch that looks so appealing to potential buyers.

Which kitchen arrangement do you like best?