Time for another round of THIS or THAT! One feature that can really make your house POP is it’s landscaping. Whether you are trying to improve curb appeal, or just want to do something special to make your house a home, improving the landscaping is a win win either way. There isn’t a tried and true formula for the ROI on landscaping; sometimes home owners get an ROI over 100% and sometimes they end up loosing money. Another common piece of advice I hear is to spend 10% of what your home is worth on landscaping. This may be good advice, but with the average price of homes in Boulder County sitting close to 500k, this is no small investment. So when it comes to landscaping, think about what will aid in YOUR enjoyment of your home. However, if you are looking to sell your home and want to know where you can get your biggest bang for your buck, talk with your realtor. Often there are small and inexpensive things you can do in the realm of landscaping that will really make your house pop. Examples:

* Hire a landscaping company to weed, clean up, and plant a few annuals
* Mulch and weed
* Paint the front door
* Keep the lawn mowed, edged, and watered

Now that we’ve talked about the practical stuff, let’s have fun. Just like INSIDE the home, people have preferences OUTSIDE the home as well. What do you guys like as far as landscaping? Minimal and simple or more color and lush?