One thing I notice first when I come into a home is the TV.  Our TVs are large and prominently displayed in most homes which makes it important, when it comes to staging your home, that this area is pleasing to the eye.  There are many ways to go about decorating and arranging the media area in your home, but here are a few key tips no matter your decorating style.

1) Declutter Cords and Media

Nothing is more unsightly than dangling cords, mountains of DVDs, and multiple game consoles or DVD players.  Taking a few house to consolidate consoles, declutter your cords, and organize your media can make a world of difference!

2) Be selective with your choice of media stand

I could get into the reasons why and make you fall asleep, but a good rule of thumb is that your TV should be around eye level and your console should be about 2/3 the height of your TV.  If your console is already off, don’t worry, simply adjust the TV height and make sure the area is decluttered.

3) Choose a style and stick with it

There are many ways to style a TV.  Pro tip?  Head over to Pinterest and type in “style your TV console” for a plethora of ideas.  My advice?  Choose a style you like and be consistent.  You can add a gallery wall, select a few purposeful accessories and wall art, or minimize the area.  By making the area look purposeful and beautiful you can make what is often an eye sore in the home something pleasing!