One of the trends right now is white. White walls, white shiplap, white decor, white kitchen cabinets…white everything. While using clean lines and white walls is without a doubt contribute to feelings of calm, does color still have a place in our homes? Minimalism and intentional living are making an impact on our culture perhaps as an answer to the mass consumerism of the 90s and early 2000s followed by the great recession. Whatever the underlying reason is, it’s so interesting to see these movements play out in other areas like personal style and design. If you log on to Pinterest and look at kitchens for example, it’s likely your feed will be filled with clean, white cabinets, clear white jars, and open shelving with more clear and white accessories. It’s a beautiful look, don’t get me wrong. But does lots of color have a place in our homes? Whether you are person who prefers whites and neutrals or someone who loves pops of color, it’s fascinating how color can affect our mood and vibe. Here is a quick guide to color and mood.

Blue – Calm, centered, relaxed

Yellow – Uplifting, joyful, lively

White – Spacious, open, pure, calm

Green – Prosperous, centered, grounded, composed

Purple – Luxurious, romantic, mysterious

Orange – Exciting, appetite inducing, energy, enthusiam

Red – Social, festive, irritability, anger

Pink – Love, playfulness, kindness