1. 5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

    5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent When it comes to selling your house and buying a new home, it can be insanely stressful and difficult — especially if you are trying to do it all yourself! The buying and selling process doesn’t have to be stressful, though. There are some serious b…Read More

  2. Broomfield Homes

    If you’ve been following along this month, you know this month it’s ALL about Broomfield! Last week we talked about townhomes and this week we’re talking single family homes. The median cost of homes now in Broomfield is roughly $460k making it a bit more of an affordable choice when you compa…Read More

  3. Broomfield – Townhomes

    This month it’s all about Broomfield. As I mentioned in my post last week, Broomfield was listed #18 in Money Magazine’s top places to live so this month we’re digging into WHY. This week we’re talking townhomes and some of the neighborhood within Broomfield, Co that contain townhomes. This …Read More

  4. This or That – Fall Decor

    Time for another installment of THIS or THAT! Whether you are getting your home ready to sell or just want your home to pop, you know how I feel about curb appeal! If you want some ideas for creating some snazzy curb appeal on the cheap, check out this quick video my friend Abby and I did together! …Read More

  5. Broomfield, Colorado

    The Boulder and Denver metro areas continue to be recognized by national publications among some of the top places to live. Why? Maybe it’s because of the 300 days of sunshine and beautiful view of the Rockies from almost anywhere. Maybe it’s because unemployment rates are low. Maybe it’s beca…Read More

  6. This or That Kitchen Colors

    Ready for some kitchen eye candy? Let’s have fun with this today! If you spend any amount of time on the very visual apps, Pinterest or Instagram, you know that white kitchens are all the rage. And for good reason. White kitchens are timeless, and they look clean, crisp, and neutral. But are white…Read More

  7. Top Tips for Decluttering Before You Move

    Packing for your big move can be a huge pain! But if you choose to look at moving as a chance to purge, declutter, and get organized, you’ll be thanking yourself later! Watch this quick video in collaboration with my friend Leigh at In Dire Need Professional Organizing for her best tips on moving …Read More

  8. This or That – Kitchen Counters

    When staging your home, one of the priorities will be to get your kitchen looking, neutral, clean and purposeful. There are many ways to accomplish this, and here are my best tips. Even if you aren't getting your home ready to sell, I bet you would be surprise at how much you'd love your kitchen if …Read More

  9. Top Tips for Staging Your Home

    Hello everyone and welcome to my next installment of the series of V-logs I'm creating on getting your home ready to sell. A big thing you need to do to prepare your home to sell, it to stage your home appropriately. Some of us do not have a designer's eye or know how to arrange our furniture for op…Read More

  10. This or That – Rugs

    Adding a rug to your home can make it look more cohesive, give your room a nice pop, and help to bring your home's design together.  There are some amazing choices out there for all prices range.  Some of my favorite places to buy rugs are: Rugs USA Wayfair Anthropologie  Crate And Barrel Pottery…Read More