When it’s time for you to buy or sell your home, it may be tempting to try to take on the challenge yourself. There are those who have successfully bought and sold their own homes before, but there are far more horror stories than success stories. Unless you yourself are a realtor, we recommend hiring a professional, local realtor for your real estate services. Even if you yourself are a realtor, there is some risk involved when you are buying a home or selling a home without a real estate agent by your side. In today’s blog here at Jenn Porter Group in Longmont, we go over five risks you face when deciding not to hire a real estate agent for your real estate services. 


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When buying a house, one of the most important aspects is the negotiation process. While you may feel like you are an expert when it comes to negotiations, are you willing to risk thousands of dollars on it? Real estate agents are trained and experienced in the art of negotiation. And, negotiation experience gained in other parts of life doesn’t always translate well to negotiating in real estate. 


When you are buying a home, you want to be sure that you get the fairest and realistic price possible, and when selling a home you want to be able to get top dollar. When you don’t use professional real estate services, you run the risk of paying too much for someone else’s home, and not getting a fair price for selling your own home. 


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Another risk of not hiring a real estate agent is that when you work with someone selling their home by owner, they don’t always have to disclose problems with the home. They put the responsibility to discover any issues with the home on the buyer, and if issues are left undetected, then it’s basically too bad. 


However, real estate agents are held to different, much higher standards. When the person you are buying the home from is using a reputable realtor as well, they are required to disclose any problems or potential issues with the home. 


Though you don’t always have control of whether other people hire a local realtor or not, if you choose to work with real estate services on your end, then your realtor can help you feel confident that no stone was left unturned when it comes to finding any problems with the home you are buying. 



Local Realtor Expertise

More and more people are moving to Colorado from out of state every day. Whether you are moving to Colorado from another state or moving to the northern Colorado area from a few cities over, it helps to have someone who knows the area like the back of their hand. When you choose not to work with a local realtor, you are risking moving to a new area blind. 


For example, at first glance, a city or area may seem completely charming, family friendly, and perfect for you. Then, the longer you live there, the more you realize that this area isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Maybe there is a sewage plant nearby that you didn’t know about. Or maybe there is a weekly parade at midnight that you have no idea about. The what-if scenarios are endless. 


Here at Jenn Porter Group in Longmont, we always recommend working with a real estate agent in order to help you find the right home, in the right area for you. As local real estate agents, we have lived or currently live in the same towns and neighborhoods where you are considering planting your roots! Who better to work with than real estate services that have lived and worked in the local community for years? 


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Confusing Paperwork

If you have ever bought or sold a home before, you know that there are mountains of paperwork, forms, signatures, legal documents, and more. Navigating through the sea of required papers and legal jargon by yourself can be overwhelming, to say the least. If you are the kind of person who wants to know what they are signing and agreeing to — which we hope everybody is — then you will end up spending hours upon hours combing through the wording of hundreds of documents, researching what they actually mean, and pulling your hair out trying to sort through it all. 


Or, you could work with Jenn Porter Group and put our real estate services in your corner. We have hundreds of hours of training to help understand and really master translating all of the real estate paperwork into plain English — all before we sell a single house. Plus, experienced real estate agents have gone through the process hundreds — or even thousands — of times, and can help clearly explain what you are signing, and why. 





Perhaps the biggest risk of all when buying or selling a home without the help of real estate services is the time sink. If you are able to afford a house, then you are either very fortunate and have extra funds, or work a full-time job for at least 40 hours a week. When you are working for eight or more hours a day, you want to come home and unwind, not work on real estate. Real estate agents do hundreds of time-consuming tasks for your like listings, explaining confusing paperwork, showings, open houses, and so much more. 


When you elect not to work with a local realtor, you should understand that there are hours upon hours of work that will have to be done after you get home from work. It can essentially feel like having two full-time jobs during the entire process. Not to say that it’s not completely doable, but it isn’t always the most desirable option. 


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The risks of not using an experienced real estate agent are simply not worth it for most people. When you are ready to buy or sell your home in Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Greeley, Berthoud, or anywhere else in the northern Colorado area, contact us at Jenn Porter Group! We offer professional real estate services out of Longmont, Colorado and are eager to help you find the home of your dreams!